Grading System

— Excellent “A” —

Appearance: Resembles a brand-new device. May have extremely faint micro-scratches, virtually invisible at a distance of 7-10 inches (slightly longer than a standard-sized pen). The screen remains flawless.

Technical Condition: Outstanding. Boasts high durability scores, ensuring an extremely low likelihood of encountering any technical issues.

— Good “B” —

Appearance: Shows subtle signs of use. The body exhibits some scratches, perceptible only at a distance of 20 inches (approximately an arm’s length) or beyond, while the screen remains entirely scratch-free.

Technical Condition: Very Good. Surpasses average durability standards, minimising the chances of encountering technical problems.

— Average “C” —
Appearance: Displays noticeable wear. The body features a few visible scratches and dents that don't impact performance. Screen bears visible scratches, particularly noticeable when the screen is on.

Technical Condition: Good. Meets BPS Standards for durability, maintaining an average level of quality.

All deliveries are carbon neutral